Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby Gear

I've lots of time on my hands. Currently I like to use that extra time to learn and check out all kinds of new baby products and decor. You never know what you will find or read that will one day come in handy. Some of the things I have found though have been a bit off the wall.

For example:

The KUSH. For a minimal $19.99 you can own this fabulous boob support. Not just for the pregnant or nursing either. Did you know that while sleeping on your side the weight of your top ta-ta can misalign your spine? As president of the Itty Bitty Club I too had no idea the weight of a boob could be so detrimental. Only for those a C cup and higher. To which I say, whatever I didn't want one anyway.

The ZAKY Pillow. All I can say is ZOMG that's freaking creepy. For $49.95 you can have a pillow that imitates the look, feel, weight and scent of your own hands. Scent? Yep. You are supposed to sleep with it a few nights before putting it on your baby. No. No freaking way. I'd have a heart attack every time I looked in the crib!

The Tummy Tub, a.k.a. a bucket. I realize this child looks happy but they are dangling a cookie in front of the camera. Trust. Designed to be womb shaped to ease transition into a strange world. Really? Is bath time for a newborn that extensive? Are you dropping them in their tummy bucket the minute they leave the womb? I don't understand.

The Daddle!! Yep it's a saddle for dad. Check out his knee pads! If you are giving horsey rides that often it's time to suck it up and give the child a pony. Reclaim that dignity dads. Ohh and honey, you are so getting one, as soon as I justify it's $55.95 price.

NoseFrida. Yes you are seeing that correctly. No it doesn't require a description. They swear it doesn't go up the hose "that" far. I for one will not be taking the risk. The bulb aspirator will have to do, end of story.

I love seeing what everyone comes up with these days!

I must go pick a truly masculine design for Pauls Daddle.

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  1. haha! these are a riot! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought those tubs were weird.