Tuesday, February 1, 2011

30 Weeks

Crappy picture because I had to take a pic of my computer screen.

30 weeks in 10 to go, 2.5 months, 70 days. I welled up a bit when I saw April on my Outlook calendar. It shows 3 months at a time and I didn't realize April would be popping up so soon.

I finally have my reflux under control and am sleeping a decent amount.

Speaking of sleeping, I find it hilarious when people say, "sleep now because you never sleep when they get here". As if sleeping now is storing energy in in bags around my body that I will be able to dip into and use when she's here. Or my absolute favorite is, "enjoy life now it will never be the same". Really? I had no idea! We started our TTC journey knowing and believing that a child, while changing every aspect, would add to not take away from our lives. Not once through the months we tried did I ever think, "oh God I'm not going to be able to do this with a child how will I live!!"

Umm check out my knockers!!! Ok so you really can't see them in this pic and I guess I shouldn't be posting a pic of them anyway but I'm proud! I officially need to rescind my presidency of the Itty Bitty Club and say goodbye to Playtex "Barely There" sizes. (yes they are for real). Let's just say I can go buy my KUSH now.

The babys movements have been strong and solid. More and more they are causing me to jump. She does some crazy things when I lay on my left side lots of stretching and poking out. Last night she was having a particularly active night and it had been a few weeks since Paul so I asked if he wanted to feel her. She landed some good ones and even stayed stretched out for a bit and he could push back on her. His face was priceless. The combination of awe and totally creepy still amazes me.

We have a dr. appt this Friday and I'm pretty sure my weight will have ballooned. I had been down to my pre-preg weight, mostly due to the reflux and getting sick so often. I'm sure that this week I will have recovered that weight with a few extra to spare!

We have our infant prep class this week. I'm excited. I really hope it's better than birthing class. Or at least more hands on. Breast feeding class is next week and should be a fab time!

But the most exciting part of this week is the SUPERBOWL!!! Here we go Steelers Here we go!!

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