Tuesday, February 8, 2011

31 Weeks

Ohh look I have a head! No hair but a head none the less! Where'd my boobs go? I was so proud of them last week now they have disappeared again. We'll blame the sweater. Why am I grabbing my arse? I have no idea but out of every picture this AM the butt grabbing one won for the head shot.

We had a Dr. appointment last Friday with Dr. Cadieux. I love her. I want to find out her on call for delivery schedule and only have the baby that day. I've never been one to give a crap about personal attention or hand holding at the doctors. I know their job is to make sure baby and I are healthy. Check me, check her, discuss issues (if any) and move on. End. Of. Story. Dr. Cadieux is a breath of fresh air in a typically cut and dry OB/gyn office. She remembered our babys name, I'm sure written on my chart but she still looked. She high fived me on gaining back most of the weight I lost during my reflux issues and expressed how great I was doing with my gains since I had just quit smoking as well. I love her.

I feel like I exploded this week. I didn't. No where near. But last night I put on one of my larger tshirts and it was a squeeze. I wore it just fine last week. Maybe it shrank.

Baby is getting wild in there. When she really gets moving I feel like my whole body jiggles. I'm fascinated. I think Paul thinks I'm cracked. She's most active in the mornings and much quieter and sporadic in the evening. Since I can't hike my shirt and stare at my stomach at work I do it at home. Since she's not so active at home I look ridiculous. I don't care though, I love trying to figure out what body part she's beating me with. Oddly I feel like we are interacting or something. Like when she stretches out and I push back on a foot or a hand (i have no clue what) and then she moves.

Our infant prep class was good information and although a lot of common sense I'm glad we took it. There was a Q&A session with one of the pediatricians at the office we chose, which was nice. I liked him he was realistic and down to earth. Tonight we have our breast feeding class. I'm a bit nervous, I'm not the most mature being and 2 hours of boobage is bound to make me laugh in some childish way.

How Far Along? 31 weeks!!
How Much Weight Gain? 9lbs
Maternity Clothes? almost exclusively. I say almost because the sweater in today's pic is pre mat.
Movement? Always. Most active in the mornings but she's been know to party hard in the late night hours.
Cravings? There is this salad from a pizza shop an hour away from home. I used to get it everyday for lunch when I worked at KW. I want it and I want it bad. I don't remember the name of the place but I have got to find out.
What Do You Miss? Nothing really. I felt a bit left out this weekend as a bunch of people went to the bar. Usually I can hang out and it's no big deal but I couldn't stand the thought of being on my feet that long and with everyone drinking I wouldn't have had anyone to talk to. I didn't like it at all.
Best Part Of Last Week? graduating to 2 week appointments. It just made it feel so close.
What Are You Looking Forward To? out baby shower on the 19th. I can't wait to see everyone!!

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