Tuesday, February 15, 2011

32 Weeks

8 months. 8 weeks left. 56 days. Ohh my stars I have things to do!!

Our little Squish gave us a bit of a scare on Sunday. All is well but i will admit to being quite scared when told to head up to Labor and Delivery at the hospital. We had the nicest nurse on the freaking planet. I just wanted to hug her!

Last week I noticed 3 little lines on the underside of my bump. I wrote them off, there was a chance I had been sleep walking and drew them on with purple marker. Turns out that didn't happen, at all. They are my first stretch marks. A rite of passage
I guess.

Baby is a brute. I think I say this every-time but it slays me how every week she gets stronger and stronger. She is now able to reach my ribs. It's weird. I guess I didn't realize how much her movements would change and feel different as she moved and grew.

All in all I feel great. The reflux has made a grand return but now that I know what works and how to handle it, it's not so bad. I was thinking this morning that while pregnancy is not all puppies and rainbows I am going to miss it. Of course there are negatives and there have been hard times but this pregnancy has been enjoyable. I love watching my belly grow knowing that I'm expanding because she's growing and getting stronger. Seeing things around our house change and come together in preparation for her arrival. The excitement and anticipation, I've enjoyed it all.

Our shower is Saturday and I can't wait to see friends and family. Then Sunday I'm shopping!! I have tried and tried to shop for the last 2 weekends but Paul, the voice of reason, has had to pull me back and distract me elsewhere. I did order her monogram for over the crib. I love it! I was having the hardest time deciding but in the end chose the one below in chocolate and white. I would have preferred cream over white but they didn't have and white will probably show better on the wall.

I can't wait for it to get here!

All we really need are the floating shelves for over the dressing table and the room will be complete! Im thinking of making drawer dividers but have not yet decided. I like organized and labeled and its impossible to keep newborn onsies folded and together. The clothes are just so small that dividers would make everything easier. I guess I have my project for today!

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