Tuesday, March 1, 2011

34 Weeks

Time is flying by.

Baby is the size of a cantaloupe 4.75(ish) pounds and 18 inches. I can hardly believe any of it. Although I should because I can feel every inch of her in there. Rolling over is a whole body experience, I sometimes feel like a turtle trapped upside down in it's shell. These next 3 weeks are supposed to be big growth weeks with Riley packing on almost half a pound a week. I cant even imagine what I'm going to look like. The maternity tshirt I'm wearing today is slightly too short and flashing a bit of underbelly. I still love feeling her movements they are so extreme and strong. I'm waiting for her to start using my ribs as a jungle gym. I thought she was hitting them a week or so ago but I think I might have been wrong. Today I think she kicked one out. It was so strong I gasped and doubled over a bit.

I've been lucky with stretch marks. As of right now I only have 3 small ones on the underside of my belly. None of them are more than an inch or so long. My belly button is fast approaching it's end as an inny. I regret my decision to pierce it, not just once but twice. The dumbest part of that is I've never been brave enough to bare my inner tube like midsection. So, why? What did I care what my belly button looked like for the 15 minutes a day I saw it? Yeah I sure showed my dad with that rebellious decision. The thing looks like a angry cyclops. The top hole has stayed relatively round and small but the bottom hole has spread out with scar tissue into an angry frown. Every time I look in the mirror I feel like it's frowning upon me and my silly and pointless decision. I should take a picture for future reference and lecture for Riley. I'm sure she would think twice if she knew her belly button would one day have a mind of it's own and judge her with it's one eyed frown.

We have no bump pic this week because I'm well into day two of a stomach bug and quite honestly I'm scary looking.

We have finished the nursery, which was very exciting. Sometimes I go in just to look in the crib and touch the mattress as if convince myself it's really real. Is that weird?

I really have never been a "pink girl" but I am absolutely IN LOVE with her room and bedding and how damn girly that tiny room is. Before getting pregnant I thought I wanted a boy, when we got pregnant I knew it wouldn't matter either way and now that I know I can't imagine anything but a little girl. I adore her name, her bows, her dresses and her pink wall. Most of all I have this image in my head of Paul playing barbies or Pretty Pretty Princess with a gorgeous 4 year old girl. ::enter the weepy eyes::

This is her dresser. That gorgeous porcelain doll is from Pauls godmother. The figurines in front are Precious Moments babies that spell out "Riley" from our very good friends. I doubt it's going to stay like that but for now that's how it is.

This is her top dresser drawer and the only drawer with clothes. All onsies and pants. From left to right it's by size, newborn, 0-3mo, 3mo and 3-6mo. Outfits are in the closet and sleepers in the dressing table.

Her crib right now has stuffed animals and the boppy in it. We will be taking those out before she's here. The back (long side) wall is pink and the other is cream. It's hard to get a good idea of the color of the bedding but it's cream abs a mauvey pink with chocolate accents.

This is centered over the crib and I absolutely love it. Gigi (Pauls mom) came over this afternoon with soup for me and food for the bionic goldfish (it was getting desperate I think they were about to eat a catfish if they didn't get some soon). She helped get this put up and it turned out exactly like I wanted it too!

The glider and changing table. I don't forsee too much of a change with these two. The basket and lamp fit perfectly with the pad on the table.

I'm not sure of the floor lamp there. I'm kind of hoping to ditch it.

This picture does not do her closet justice. The clothes are arranged by size up to 6mo. The baskets on top hold clothes that are way too big 9mo, 12mo and 18mo. The top of the shelves has the Bumbo for now and a dish of hair bows and frillies. The top cubbies are receiving blankets, barn yard bowling and towels. The second row is burp cloths, fitted crib & pack n play sheets (you can't fold them nicely so they are in the basket) and books. The bottom row is bibs in the first bin and the remaining 2 are empty.

There are some small minor touches here and there. I really want to add floating shelves over the changing table. I want to dedicate one shelf to picture frames because we have definitely decided to do new born pics. That's a whole new post though ;)

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  1. LOVE IT! I can certainly appreciate the closet! We're doing ours this weekend and I hope it looks half as good as yours