Tuesday, March 8, 2011


35 weeks in and 35 days left!

We caved this weekend and bought a king size bed. Paul has been bugging for years now and I couldn't justify it. We decided to check out some prices and see what would work. We found a really great deal on both the bed and bedding and I caved. We had spent the day shopping and my legs and back were super sore when we went to try them out. I think I was more in love with being off my feet than the actual mattress. It is super comfy and I think we have both slept well (or as well as I can) the last 2 days.

The only issue now is that the cell chargers/alarm clock is on Pauls side of the bed, which is practically across the room now. I can't reach them. It is comical to watch me try though.

No real changes this week. I feel fabulous! We (Dr & I) feel that the babe has dropped into position. I feel like I've been kicked in the bits when I walk. I think I've started to waddle a bit too. I don't mind, it's all signs of the end.

I can't really believe how fast the last 8 months have gone. I'm sure this last one is going to creep by. Brooks and Dunn definitely have a new place in my heart as I will always remember the morning after their last concert.

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