Tuesday, March 22, 2011

37 Weeks!

A.K.A. Full Term!!

I don't see much of a difference since last weeks pic and really if Franky wasn't in a different spot I'd think it was the same picture! Also you can kind of see the lump in the bed which is Paul who got to sleep in a bit today.

I have grown to seriously hate bed time. The reflux is back with a vengeance and it's hard to roll and I have to pee constantly. Ohh someone must have called for the waahhhmbulance.

Seriously I'm feeling pretty good. I get some hefty contractions at night but they remain inconsistent and always go away. We find out tomorrow if we progressed anymore and the strep b results. I have a good feeling but we'll see!

Last week after walking around for a bit I started to have some pretty bad pelvic pain so on Friday we picked up an exercise ball. It has helped tremendously. Instead of sitting on the couch at night, which has been quite uncomfortable, I sit on the ball and rock or hula. It contours to me so Im not fighting for a comfy spot. The rocking and movement it allows also helps loosen up my hips, which hurt after 9hrs of sitting in an office chair.

I'm also going for a prenatal massage tonight. I have a huge knot right inside my right shoulder blade that is progressively getting worse. I'm hoping they can do something about that.

We finished the nursery this weekend. Like really really finished. The shelves are hung and the valence is up. I think it looks phenomenal. Rarely am I 100% happy with all of my choices for a room but I think I am with this one. The colors are perfect, the bedding is exactly what we were hoping for, even the monogram and accessories have all come together.

I booked our newborn photographer today and our tentative photo shoot day is April 18. If Riley decides to procrastinate her arrival we will adjust accordingly but the shoot will be within 10 days of her birth. I am very excited for this and will be shopping props and accessories all day today. We were very lucky and a fabulous e-friend D, did a ton of leg work and research for us. I had no idea where to start or what to ask to get a good photog and asked on a message board that I participate in. D very kindly offered to help us out. She found 3 amazing photographers who had our style and fit our needs and spoke personally with each one. After speaking with D and looking at the options we decided to go with EGM Photography.

Erin at EGM http://egmphotography.com met all of our needs and fit into our budget. We are a bit far for her to travel but she's coming down anyway. She will be coming to our house for the shoot, which can be anywhere from 2-4 hours long. She brings props and everything she will need with her. I can't wait!

We also gave the "OK" to a landscaper to finish our back and side yard. We are going to have a retaining wall put in near our back door. Currently it's a nasty muddy slope. There will be a 3 ft wide walkway leading from the back to the side, which will tie into a 20x15 pavers patio. There will be another walkway that leads from the patio to the fence gate. They will correct the grading and drainage & replace drainage pipes along the back as well. To finish they are going to fix the actual yard part of the "yard". It's all dead moss, roots, rocks and compacted soil. They are going to dig it up, fix the PH, correct a slope, soil, seed and fertilize! We are so excited about project and cannot wait until it's underway. Due to the temps we can't start until the mid/late April but it shouldn't be a project that takes too long. I'm pretty excited that I will be home for all of the work. It's our biggest project yet and I want pictures! As soon as we get the OK to trample on the new grass we are going to have a big get together! Can't wait!!

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