Thursday, March 31, 2011

38 Weeks

I'm a few days late but we had a Dr. appointment yesterday and I just figured I'd wait it out.

Everything is going fabulously. We are rocking away at 3cm & 90% effaced. The Drs. guess on Rileys weight was 7 3/4lb. I'm not really putting too much stock into the weight though because they can be way off!

I've been flip floppy on wanting her here now and being ok if she decides to hang a bit longer.

My sister was induced this morning so our little niece should be here at some point today. Pauls sister is 41+ and will their baby will be here any day now. It would be nice to have Riley a few weeks out. I think it would be best but good grief do we want to meet her. Either way we'd be happy.

I have nothing to do over the next few weeks so it's driving me a bit batty. I feel like there is something we are missing. Shouldn't there be one last panicked detail that we need to get done? I can't think of anything!

This past Sunday night we had some painful contractions every 5-7 minutes and we really thought it might be it. I sat on the yoga ball for a bit and then took a shower to try and relax and after laying down for a bit everything subsided. It was both nerve wracking and exciting. Monday morning was kind of an "aww well damn" kinda moment.

As patience is not one of my stronger traits. Like I know it can start any minute but may not for weeks. I try not to dwell on that fact because it makes me feel anxious.

The only new development is one cankle. Yep just one. My right of course. The temper tantrum of 2009 that will plague me for life. Jokes over I got it, I don't stomp down stairs anymore!! On the plus side the swelling went down relatively quickly after getting off my feet.

So here we are. Being patient and waiting.

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  1. I noticed a little swelling in my left ankle yesterday. It gives off this random vibrating feeling every now and then. Weird stuff!