Tuesday, April 5, 2011

39 Weeks

7 days!!! Oh mylanta!

Hey quick question...Are we next?

Just curious. If I saw someone this weekend it was surely said. Just in case I wasn't sure maybe?

Big news happening in our family though.

Kendel Marie was born on Thursday evening just before 5:00. Clocking in at 18 inches and 6lb7oz. (I might be slightly off in the ounces. Beautiful as can be.

On Saturday Anthony Charles joined us just after 3:00. He's 9lb3oz (again ounces iffy) and 21.5 inches long.

Paul and I could not be happier for our sisters and their families.

As for us we wait. Hardly patient but with little choice. Things are going very well. I feel like she's sitting lower and the pressure has increased significantly. We have had some very weak cramping contractions they are time able but too far spaced to be anything noteworthy.

We are 4/4 for inducing & c-sections and I'm hoping to not make it 5/5. The "natural" vs. c-section debate is interesting. To me there are pros and cons to both and it all depends on your own experience.

We find out tomorrow if we have made any more progress. I really hope we have. So far we've averaged about 1cm/week, which is pretty good. I'm really hoping for at least 4cm & 100% effaced. We were 3 & 90% last week.

I don't have any real complaints for being this pregnant. I did take off on Monday because Sunday night was miserable and I didn't get any sleep at all. Physically I'm feeling good. I slept better last night and am hoping it was just a fluke on Sunday night. The swelling of my right ankle continues. I find it comical to push on it and see how long it takes for my finger print to re-inflate. I thought I would be waddling a lot more as well but I'm not, at least I don't think.

I would like to note that using the word "fatty" when speaking to or about a pregnant woman is not exactly the safest move you can make. See, a pregnant woman may recognize that it's a joke but the word clearly came to mind while thinking of said pregnant woman. A blow to the psyche for sure.

Cross your fingers that this is my last bump picture and next week you will be seeing our little princess!

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