Friday, April 8, 2011

Dear Riley,

Comfy? Obviously.

Look kid, you are "due" to arrive on Tuesday. I know we don't really know each others personalities just yet but I need to inform you that being late is a massive pet peeve of mine. We've gone through all of the motions and have everything you could possibly need so please do your part. We can have the battle of wills once you arrive and certainly during your teenage years. Could you kindly just give us this one win? Please?

Don't get me wrong I'm going to miss being pregnant but we we have been at this for 10 months. It's time to switch things up. Your dad and I think it would just be fab to see your face. Don't you?

You have the nicest room in the house and the most toys. There is room to stretch your legs and it's dry out here. The first little bit is probably super traumatizing but I promise it will be for us too so we can do it together.

Come on you know you wanna!
Your parents.

So for serious. I really can't complain. I just started swelling in the last week and it's not horribly bad. She dropped so the heartburn is better and shes not beating on my ribs anymore. I'm leaving work at 3:00 and probably even earlier starting Tuesday. All in all things are good for 39.5weeks.

Everyone keeps asking if I'm done and how miserable I am. I just kind of smile because Im neither really. I'm anxious for her arrival because I just want to see her face and hold her but not because I'm in pain or "over" with pregnancy. I'm tired and my fuse is a bit on the shorter side but definitely not miserable.

As we have been getting closer to the "any day any minute" stage I've been waiting for the fear of labor to hit me. I'm still waiting. Shocking for my personality. With that amount of potential pain looming in my not so distant future I would typically be crossing my legs and standing on my head to prevent it. Instead I'm anticipating it, hoping that the next pain or contraction will hurt more. Weird.

What I am extremely stressed and overwhelmed about is people. People constantly being around. Giving unsolicited advice. Insisting on doing it their way instead of allowing us to learn for ourselves. Pressure. Insistence. Demands. Drop ins. Especially at the hospital.

We are really really hoping to only have immediate family and close (to us) friends visit at the hospital. Hopefully not all at the same time as well. There is no doubt I'm high stress and high anxiety, which we would like to do our best to keep it minimal in the first couple days. The saving grace is that I keep telling myself that no one cares about the mom once the kid is here. So the attention is not going to be on me but rather the baby. Gahh see I'm stressed already!

Off to practice some visualization.

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  1. well she gave you the "WIN" alright! and now we know she gets her promptness from her mother :)