Thursday, October 13, 2011

6 Month Letter

Dear Riley,
Yesterday you turned 6 months old. I really can't believe it. Half a year. The most amazing 6 months of your momma & daddy's life. Everyday it's something new with you.

We haven't had your 6 month appointment yet but we guesstimate you around 18 pounds & 29 inches or so. We will see come Monday!

You are eating five 6oz bottles a day. You also have 4oz of big girl food for breakfast and dinner. You love your fruits and veggies. Favorite fruit right now is mango. We cannot get it in fast enough. Fav veggie is sweet potato. We always mix some fruit in with your veggies, sweet potato & peach and peas & pears are always a huge success.

You are in mostly 9 month clothes but are starting to transition into 12 month sleepers. You are so long your little toes are curling. We just bumped you up to size 4 diapers, you are well under their weight recommendation but again it's your height. I really hope you embrace those long legs of yours. Mommas been there, we can sympathize together when you grow out of the juniors section at 12yrs old.

You might be the happiest baby on the planet. All you do is smile and giggle. You really only get upset when you are overtired & even then some snuggles and a bottle and you're good to go. You love to talk to us and jab constantly. We have some very long conversations about your day.

Your newest feats are sitting up with very little wobbles & no support. You can roll & spin with the best of them. Just the other day you pulled yourself across the playmat on daddy's finger. You grab on push off with your toes & pull with your arms. You are dangerously close to the army crawl. It's frightening how fast you pick things up.

You give high fives, it's hilarious & fun. We practice all the time. We are currently working on clapping & waving. Although I'm not quite sure how to teach you to wave because your arm is always stretched out. We'll figure it out.

You have always been aware of Sport and Franklin but now you are on a mission to get to them. Franklin loves it because it's free love and you can't grab his short fur. Sport on the other hand is a playground of fur and you love it. He is not so impressed with the strength of your grip. Since Sport can be neurotic we don't let you play with him much now. Once we can teach you not to grab and how to be gentile you can have more access to him.

You sleep like a rock. Every night 7:30/8pm to 7am. We are currently going through a little phase where you wake around 4am but you go back to sleep on your own. I think you are just giving us a little reminder that you are there. Your naps have improved immensely & now you go for over an hour 2 or 3 times a day. You seem to be phasing out your early morning nap. At least at daycare. At home we still snuggle down around 8:30 and snooze.

You have always been an awesome little chick and I didn't really think it was possible for you to get any cooler but you seem to manage it. We cannot wait to see what the next month is going to bring for you.


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