Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Talk to me child!

For the last 2 mornings my sweet little fabulous 7:30pm to 7:00am night time sleeper has been up by 5:30. Yesterday it was more like 4:45. She's never been a good napper but we were put to the test yesterday with only 3 short naps. Since she was up so early it should have been 4 at the very least.


Are you teething? Are you sick? In pain? Hate your room? Need a fricking hug? WHAT?!

Let's look at each possibility...

Teeth. I see and feel nothing on those little pink gums. No excess drool. No excessive chewing. Happy as can be when awake. So possibly, I guess.

Sick. Well yeah, she's had a stuffy nose since July 8th. 2 days after starting daycare. So nothing she's not used to and honestly not nearly as bad as it has been in the past. Her cough is nearly gone. Again happy as can be when not in the crib.

Pain. If she is she has not given any signs or signals when awake.

Hate the room. I'm thinking it's likely. In the crib, she hollers. On the changing table, she hollers. It's a pretty room. I'm not sure what she would like different.

Needs a hug. Considering she shuts up and falls asleep nearly instantly when we pick her up this is also likely. It could be comforting for all the reasons listed above as well so maybe its something else.

I don't know! Talk to me kid. Point. Give me a sign. I want to make whatever it is better. Hopefully tonight will be a bit better. Maybe a tooth will break through and relieve the pressure. Maybe daycare will become germ free and you will instantly get rid of this darn cold. Maybe we will both learn to function on little sleep.

I'm not one to be messed with today & the daycare was supposed to give her breakfast at 8 and it looks like they just put her in the high chair. It's 9:15. She should be having a bottle now and going down for a nap. Why must they insist on messing with the system?! Now I need to make a phone call and I might just be a bit too tired to be polite. Considering I had to have this conversation twice last week with them. She's only there 3 days a week. Pull it the eff together!

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