Wednesday, June 20, 2012

19 Weeks!

We are just flying along aren't we!

Things are going wonderful. Still battling some headaches & dizziness but I haven't lost my vision in nearly a week! We should have more news on that in the next week or so but honestly I'm positive it's going to be a wait it out thing. There really is nothing I can do to raise my blood pressure & the heat only adds to the issue. So for now, I'm keeping cool & hydrated & watching for any signs of anything abnormal.

I have no complaints about being pregnant. I'm still active & keeping up with our little Riley who is just a ball of energy.

We decided to keep our nursery as is & just update personal things. Its just too much to completly re-do two rooms in the next 4 months. Riley will be moving into the guest room with big girl furniture.

We have not yet decided on a name. Not that I know of anyway. I think we are just about 100% on Nora for a first name. Middle names are a bit difficult. I'm loving Nora Gray & Nora Paige. I fear Gray might be too unique for us but I just adore the way it sounds, Nora Gray Gibson. We shall see!

How far along: 18w 5d (or 19w whatever)

Fruit of the week: Mango!

How big is baby: 6 inches .5 lbs

Total weight gain: I haven't been weighed in 2 weeks so we'll keep with the 11

Sleep: Like the dead. Ry started waking between 5 & 6 for about 3 weeks so that's become my new norm. She's worked it out, now I need to

Maternity clothes: All the way, potentially for the rest of my life. I love elastic

Food cravings: eh not so much. I'd cut a ho for some Mexican though

Food aversions: Steak hasn't been as good as it normally is but I still try, it's important not to give up!

Challenges: Being outside. The heat is really hard on me

Movement: Getting consistant. She's still low but I feel something everyday

Boy or Girl?: GIRL!

Best moment this week: Being blackout free

What I’m looking forward to: The big kicks & jabs

What I miss: Beer, forever and always

Next appointment: July 5th! For the anatomy scan

Belly pic:

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