Thursday, July 19, 2012

22 Weeks!

I cannot believe how fast the pregnancy is going. Only 18 weeks left. I seriously need to do some shopping! I'm starting to feel a bit panicked about everything that needs to be done. Poor Paul has no idea about the fire I'm lighting under his tuckus when he gets back from his business trip.

I want to start getting Riley into her big girl room by the end of August so that we have plenty of time to adjust to her new surroundings. That means all new decorations & furniture & getting rid of old furniture. I think I will probably cry my eye balls when she's no longer in a crib.

I've also hit panic mode over having two under two. WTFityF were we thinking! How am I going to keep up? I have started a list of organizing things that need to be done before summer and I've been able to cross off a good bit of it. I need this house to be streamlined and thoughtless come November. I like schedules. I like plans. I like knowing what I need to do and when I need to do it. My biggest stressor is when things are let go & then they start to pile. I'm an adult who needs a chore chart & I want my damn sticker when my day is complete.

Our Anatomy scan was a few weeks ago. Everything was perfect & little lady is beautiful. All her little organs are present & accounted for, 10 beautiful fingers & 10 stinky toes. I cannot wait to kiss on this child and squish her face. Her measurements are wonderful. She weighs just exactly what Ry did at the exact same time. What the H is up with these big Gibson babies? It's cool to be average, really it is.

How far along: 22 Weeks

Fruit of the week: Cantaloupe

How big is baby: 8 inches, 1.2lbs (but we have been averaging a bit heavier)

Total weight gain: Holding steady at 11 (it's like dejavue

Sleep: interupted. It seems I'm thirstiest during the night so I'm up at least 3 times at this point.

Maternity clothes: Yep. I'm digging dresses. I need to get a few more items though because I only have 3 tshirts.

Food cravings: blooming onion. Ry and I split one earlier this week & it was heaven. She agreed.

Food aversions: not really

Challenges: Definetly the heat. It's always been hard to breathe in the humidity & I've never been happy while hot so these heat waves have kicked my rear.

Movement: Everyday. You can feel it from the outside now. Even though I've BTDT it's still fascinating

Boy or Girl?: GIRL! Nora Laine (possibly) her name would mean awesome path, which I think is pretty awesome

Best moment this week: Riley sleeping until 8:45 on Sunday. Since I get up no later than 7 I got all my stuff done for the day & was able to nap

What I’m looking forward to: I'm ready to meet her. Is she going to look like Riley? Is she going to be the exact opposite & look like Daddy? Blue or brown? Blonde or brown? Pale or dark? Gorgeous of course.

What I miss: Beer, forever and always (this may neve change)

Next appointment: August something for regular check up. GT testing next week. Again, I'm annoyed that they are making me do the 1 hour.

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