Tuesday, June 12, 2012

8 Weeks

April 11, 2012

Our last appointment with MLF. Probably not our last ever (hmmm 3under3 mayyyybe) but our last for this pregnancy. I love them BUT peace out! This is really happening!

We could actually make out a head & limb buds on this ultrasound. Bean was growing fast & it was beautiful.

I was feeling more and more confident every day and we debated making an announcement at Rileys party that weekend but nerves got the best of me and I said no way.

I was still feeling fabulous. Almost crazily so. No pregnant woman should feel as great as I did, it was strange.

The bloat was off the charts. They say you show sooner with your second but I refused to believe the roundness that was my stomach was baby related and not food related. Regardless I was in maternity clothing. It was comfortable. I'm not sure why people do not wear all maternity clothing. It is hands down the best elastic/spandex/stretchy stuff out there.

My only food craving was whiskey cream sauce by the gallon over a ribeye steak with roasted brocoli on the side. One week we had it 3 times. Something with that much good should be harder to make but it probably wouldn't have stopped me anyway. The scale is very happy that craving has subsided.

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