Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday - The Unexpected

Of course life changes when you have a child. You expect it. How could you not? Everyone and their mother tells you, "Just wait".

Its funny how BM (before motherhood) I would judge & judge hard. Oh that child screaming in the mall, bad parenting. That leash teathering your child to you like a puppy, bad parenting. Moms looking a hot mess & out in public, gosh who doens't have time to shower, bad parenting. Anything I didn't agree with, bad parenting.

WTF! I was dilusional. I was an idiot.

Babies/toddlers/kids scream. They scream for no apparent reason other than the love of their own shrill voice & the look of horror upon their mothers face. They don't really care where they are when the urge to throw themselves upon the dirty floor and roll around screaming as if in some invisble agony. & no they cannot hear their mother soothing. Don't touch them either as the instant you try to pick them up they throw themselves backwards in an attempt to break their spines to get away from you and all your motherly horribleness.

Kids run. After they are done with their dirty floor rolling screaming fit you will do anything in your power to keep it from happening again. At 14 months old my child has no concept of shopping. She wants to see the produce & that's where she is going. You reach for a hand and get the look of death as the mouth opens, the back begins to arch & you prepare for the blood curdling scream of death. FINE, we'll go look at bananas, yep monkeys eat bananas, You're so smart! yay ::clap clap clap::

I can hear my old self in the back of my head. Pick the child up & finish your shopping there are things to do! You outweigh her by 200lbs! Show the small one who's boss! Good grief woman you've just been had by someone who can't even talk. Man up!

Nope we look at bananas. I probably pick up a container of precut watermelon, which was not on my shopping list to distract the small beast long enough to stear the cart toward the dairy aisle. Taking a detour through the back of the store so she doesn't see the books on the way to checkout. My dignity shred, her power increased.

Shockingly, I'm alright with that. My patience while shot at one point quickly returns. It's not one day at a time, it's one minute at a time.


  1. This is what good moms do! We just had no idea before. Oh how life has changed...I took so much for granted.

  2. It's a good thing they're so cute, right? ;-)