Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wooohooo Baby #2

March 7, 2012 - the real date

Happy 3rd Anniversary to the best husband in the world & Oh yeah, I'm pregnant. Said via text to the best husband in the world.

Yeah I told him by text message. I also took the pregnancy test at work. Please, like I'm the first to do that!

Anyways after our miscarriage in November we were continuing to see our RE, Dr. Orris at Main Line Fertility. Who by the way, hands down the best between his patient & supportive staff to the time he personally spent with me week after week and question after question, I love them. We did some further testing and monitoring through January and found things had pretty much stayed the same. Left ovary was a POS, hyperactive thyroid, prematural luteal failure & crappy progesterone production.

So we followed his recomendation and started Femara in early February. Femara is actually a drug used in breast cancer treatment but the way it works also causes ovarian stimulation. Since I do not have breast cancer & Femara's main purpose is not infertility, it cost a pretty penny. I responded fabulously & had very few side effects. They were thrilled and we were hopeful.

I couldn't stand the wait, it was driving me insane. I wasn't charting and I wasn't having daily appointments so I didn't know exactly how many days past ovulation I was. So I bought some stock in First Response and Walgreens. I think I started testing around March 3 or 4th, all negative but I still was hopeful, I knew it was early. The night of March 6th I took a Clear Blue Easy, DUMB! You don't take them at night & you don't use CBE, which are known for false positives. There was the lightest of light lines, I mean light, you had to squint & turn it just so in the light & if you blinked you'd have to hunt it down again.

FINE. I was out of tests and clearly this was a message that I needed to wait. I went to work the next day and could not possibly work. So at 10am I ran to Walgreens & rushed back to work. There it was, the elusive second line! I texted Paul a picture right away, no squinting needed! We were thrilled and I chose to ignore how absolutely insane I really am.

Our beta came back at 26 and progesterone at 9.9. We immediately started the progesterone supplements and crossed our fingers for doubling betas!

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