Wednesday, October 31, 2012

37 Weeks!!

It's been an interesting 5 days. We had a great appointment on Wednesday & went home with 3 weeks left. Thursday I went to work & just wasn't feeling too well. I needed to do kick counts because i was worried about a lack of movement. While concentrating I realized I was having contractions at regular intervals. I had some Braxton hicks but not like this. I timed them for an hour & decided it might be the real deal.

The OB had me come to the office to be checked. I was still at 2cm & thin so they said it was too early. Go home, walk, eat light & they said it shouldn't be too much longer & they predicted within 12-24 hours we'd be heading back. Come on back when you are panting through them. Fear, excitement, terror, thrilling joy, I ran the whole range of emotions. I went home wrapped up the essentials & waited. And waited. And waited. And 5 days later I'm still effing waiting.

They don't stop exactly but they stretch out. The longest I seem to go is about 30 minutes between contractions & they aren't too bad. At least 2-4 times a day/night they get really close. 2-3 minutes apart & I need to actually concentrate. Never fails though as soon as I'm ready to call it I don't have one for 5 minutes, then 7, then 10.

Saturday night they actually woke me up around 1:30, I timed them until 2 & woke Paul up. I let him know I was going to take a shower but things were getting a bit intense. There might have even been a cry or two. After I showered they were still coming & still strong. I laid down to relax for just a minute and next thing I knew I was waking up 2 hours later & they were weak & practically untimable. There really were some tears then.

I'm not even 38 weeks & physically feel fabulous so trust when I say I am in no actual rush for Nora. It is just mentally & physically taxing to have these ups & downs. So a message, little lady, either show up or snuggle in, but stop the games. You should also know that I will wait 16 years for my revenge. Every day this continutes is every day past your 16th birthday that you will wait for a car or your permit. No this is not a joke, your sister who didn't play games & arrived prompt & textbook will drive your trickster tushy around.

How far along: 37w5d

Time left: 2w2d

Progress: Find out on Thursday. Better be more than 2

Fruit of the week: Watermelon

How big is baby: 19-22in 6.5 lbs

Total weight gain: 15

Sleep: Miserable. Contractions every 2-30 minutes, kicks to the bladder, hubby with a cold Sleep is a myth

Food cravings: Turkey Hill Green Tea. It's delicious & wonderful.

Food aversions: Same as before. I could give or take food I eat because I need to not really because I'm wanting anything

Challenges: Contractions 24/7

Movement: She's active & seems to be just as annoyed by contractions as I am. When we have a particularly difficult set she freaks out & moves & wiggles as if she's fighting back. Oh & she found a kidney

Boy or Girl?: GIRL! Nora Laine

Best moment this week: an extra day off to get everything done. I am in full wait mode right now. There is nothing left on my baby prep to-do

What Im looking forward to: My water breaking. I've decided that's how I want it to really start, that way there won't be any more of these false alarms

What I miss: not being aware of every minute in every day. I feel like I'm constantly timing something.

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