Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Life With a Toddler

Riley is 18 months and amazing. Everyday is so much fun with her. She makes us laugh at every turn and is constantly learning & surprising us with new stuff.

She loves her dogs. She calls them "boys" and "bobbies", bobby is what she says for buddy. She does not like sharing with her bobbies though. Breakfast has been a bit of a challenge but we recently figured out that if you offer her bite to the dogs she will take it instead. She does NOT want any of her food going to the dogs, even if she's not all that interested in it. If the dogs do manage to nab a bite, either dropped or because she teased them with it & they won, it is catastrophic. Lots of "no no no's" & fake cries.

Bedtime has been a challenge, we think it's teeth. The last two nights have ended with a snuggle with mommy in the big bed. Mommy is tired & it works quickly. A habit I'm not overly interested in forming but honestly after 90 minutes of "back in bed" & the child sleep walking to the door I don't have it in me these days. Her teeth hurt & she's overly tired most nights. I'm hoping they cut soon & we can get back on track.

She loves to help. "Uh oh mommy". Mommy better be looking because most of the time what she really means is, uh oh mommy you left your cup of hot coffee here on the table. Let me bring it to you. Or uh oh mommy the boys didn't eat all their food & left this huge bowl of water just sitting here, let me just dump that for you. So helpful our little nugget.

The talking never stops. Never. 3:30 am last night I woke up to her chattering in her sleep. It was creepy. She says everyone in the families name. Paul and I know who she is saying but outsiders might not recognize it. She will repeat almost everything we ask her to. The letters K, T, Th, Ch & long E (as in green) give her a hard time. She makes a very good effort though. She knows some colors like white, orange, yellow & sometimes she gets red and blue right. Her favorite shape is Oval, no idea why but she can find them anywhere.

She loves to dance & climb. Oh how she loves to climb. A successful day cannot be complete without making it to the top of the couch. She has an awesome time at her swim class. It's a hell of a workout for mamma too. When mamma is 5'11" and swim class is in 3-4ft water, mama spends 35 minutes in a full squat so that Riley can actually be IN the water. UMM ouch. If she showed one single lapse of enthusiasm we'd be outtie.

Two weeks ago someone pooped in the pool so they moved class to the other pool. The cold pool. The minute my feet hit that water I prayed she would freak over the temp. She didn't. Hypothermia be damned we were doing her swim lesson. Mama didn't squat that day. No way was more of me going in that water than necessary.

She has recently started playing pretend and it is adorable to see her play with her baby. She feeds it & tells us to put a new "Elmo" on it. Elmo's are what she calls diapers because hers have Elmo on them. Toddler logic.

Life with a toddler is more than I could ever ask for. She lights up a room with her smile & just shines every day.

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